Reni's Review: HOW TO HOOK A BOOKWORM (How to, #3) by Cassie Mae

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Getting kissed for a birthday present should not be a big deal. Especially for Brea Mason, who doesn’t think of her best friend, Adam Silver, in any way other than… well, a friend. But after the liplock she can’t seem to get him off her mind. And she has to, because Adam is a senior while she’s stuck in high school for another two years. 

Then BAM, the perfect distraction comes along in the form of a new, hot sophomore who actually seems interested in Brea, despite her anti-social personality. And with the stress at home, stress at school, and ignoring the reality of all her friends leaving come June, Brea welcomes the distraction.

But when she sees four fat Fs on her report card, Brea needs a study buddy, and the best candidate is Adam, book nerd and math whiz. So she enlists his help, hoping the birthday kiss was just a fluke. After all, she has a boyfriend now. It should be easy to ignore the butterflies and fizzy feelings that arise with the bookworm… right?

Here’s the thing…

When I’m down, feel like the world is a crap-hole, and people suck; I read a Cassie Mae book.

‘Why?’ you ask.

 Cassie has this way of righting the wrongs.

The problem I’m having right now is not with Cassie, it’s with me. ME! I am the problem. I have had a copy of How to Hook a Bookworm for months – MONTHS – and kept pushing it aside to read some other not so feel-good material. Dumb, so dumb.

But I finally read it. In fact, I buddy read it with Ada Frost (She’s amazing, too, btw) and we both agree that Bookworm is not to be missed.

If you’ve read this series in order, you know that Brea is the sister of Levi, who is the best friend of Zoe and boyfriend of Sierra. If you haven’t read them, I’ve just spewed a whole bunch of names at you and effectively scrambled your brain. That’s okay. While I don’t think you HAVE to read the previous books in the series, I’d highly recommend it. Back to Brea… She’s 16, lives in a trailer, worries constantly about how her family will survive, is failing four classes, and wants to run away. If I were facing even half of what she has to, I’d build myself a blanket fort and refuse to come out – ever. The way that Brea saw herself through most of the novel nearly broke me. It’s was hard to read. Everyone is someone of importance. Everyone is intelligent in their own way. This is some serious gut-wrenching material. One particular scene had my stomach in my throat and little tears welling up in my eyes.

Closing my eyes, I suck in a breath and hold it.

I wish for a better heart so someone will want a piece of it.

But there is hope in the form of one 18 year old male – Adam.

Adam is Brea’s bestie - he has been for the last few years - and he’s determined to help her pass her classes while being the shoulder she so desperately needs to lean on. The only problem? Adam is graduating this year. He’ll be off to college before either of them can sneeze, and then what?
Did I mention that there’s a new sexy sophomore at school sniffing around Brea? It’s funny how people realize their feelings when what they want belongs to someone else (or is scheduled to leave the state...)

How to Hook a Bookworm easily makes my Top Five Cassie Mae Reads of All Time list. Betcha didn’t know I have one of those. Well, I do. I love her. L-O-V-E, love. It’s easy to list her as my favorite YA author, because she is. She’s it. If you haven’t read her work, please do. Don’t be dumb like me and let her writing sit around while you grab hold of other reading material.  Read How to Hook a Bookworm or How to Date a Nerd or Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend or…well, you get the point.

Plus, most of her characters love superheroes. ;) 

Cassie Mae (who dons the name Becca Ann on occasion) is the author of a few hundred… okay, maybe not that many… books. Some of which became popular for their quirky titles, characters, and stories. She likes writing about nerds, geeks, the awkward, the fluffy, the short, the shy, the loud, the fun. 

Since publishing her bestselling debut, Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend, she has published and sold books to Random House, Swoon Romance, and Spencer Hill Press. She has a favorite of all her babies, but no, she won’t tell you what it is. (Mainly because it changes depending on the day.)

Along with writing, Cassie likes to binge watch Teen Wolf and The Big Bang Theory. She can quote Harry Potter lines quick as a whip. And she likes kissing her hubby, but only if his facial hair is trimmed. She also likes cheesecake to a very obsessive degree.

You can stalk, talk, or send pictures of Dylan O’Brien to her on her Facebook page:

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