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How far would you go for a second chance?

Eleven years after flunking out of college, Kate has finally hit rock-bottom. Losing her job and boyfriend in one drunken night, she’s determined to fix her life by going back to the moment when she let partying and sex take over and do things right. At twenty-nine, she heads back to freshman year of college, with a catch.

Pretending she's nineteen with a new roommate and full class schedule is easy. When she meets her shy, sexy and seven-years-younger RA Carter, following her self-imposed sobriety and celibacy rules is proving to be anything but.

A senior enduring years of regret, Carter is more than ready to graduate. He’s anxious to move on from the party his freshman year where he witnessed his frat brothers about to commit a sexual assault. Instead of doing the right thing and stepping in, he looked the other way and left. His guilt has made for a lonely four years.

When he meets the new freshman on his floor, spunky and confident Kate, he wonders if his time as an outcast has finally come to an end.

Kate and Carter’s growing friendship and undeniable attraction make it harder to hide the demons from their respective pasts. But when their secrets are finally revealed, will their chance at starting over together still be there?

After reading the blurb for Again, I knew I had to read it. How could you pass up the chance to read about a 29 year old posing as a 19 year old college student? How could this possibly go well? 

Yeah, it can't… 

Kate has royally f-ed up her life. We’re talking go-big-or-go-home style. She recently got fired from her assistant job at a NYC law firm. Not so bad, right? Just wait… Her former, very married boss, was also her lover. Not good.  She also has a MASSIVE drinking problem. After making a fool of herself at the company Christmas party, finding herself jobless, and losing the current lust of her life, Kate decides that the only logical move is to doctor her transcripts, pretend to be 19, and go back to college.
When has lying ever gotten anyone anywhere?! I guess it gets you somewhere… but serving time for fraud isn’t exactly where one would hope to find themselves… The more lies you tell the further down the rabbit hole you go until you finally hit rock bottom.

This book has all that, and more…

Soon it would be at my lips and kissing hers would be the only way I could breathe. The only way I could save us, the only thing that might ever save me.

It even has Carter - or should I say Chazz? - (HORRIBLE nickname; even Carter knows it’s atrocious. He puts up with it as punishment for choices made years ago.) Kate’s RA. Too bad Kate is determined to stay away from men. Plus, he’s 7 years younger than she is. Cougar alert! Needless to say, the two have trouble staying away from one another. And they’re both lying… It’s a mess. Eventually the truth comes out and the two are forced to face the music. There’s also a Goth roommate, two very slutty drunk floor mates, and gay best friend thrown in the mix. 

I wasn’t supposed to be with Carter. If I was smart I would have stayed the hell away, but I couldn’t picture my life without him. Even with all our lies between us, his kiss, his touch, were the truest thing I’d ever known.

Again was my first taste of Lisa Burstein. While I wasn’t blown away, it was an entertaining read that moved along fairly quickly and held just the right amount of drama. I think Lisa could have done a little more with the storyline and there were occasional moments where I wished I was able to physically slap Kate… but overall, Again was a sweet HEA read. I look forward to reading more of Lisa’s work in the near future. 

Lisa Burstein is the author of the Young Adult Novels: Pretty Amy and Dear Cassie, and the New Adult Novels & Novellas: Sneaking Candy, The Next Forever & The Possibility of Us. She is also a contributor to the essay collection, Break These Rules: 35 Young Adult Authors On Speaking Up, Standing Out, and Being Yourself. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her very patient husband, a neurotic dog and two cats. Again is her self-publishing debut.

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