Sarah's Review of ROGUE (Dead Man;s Ink, #2) by Callie Hart

Rogue (Dead Man's Ink, #2)
When people get too close to me, they wind up dead. Blood. Bullet holes. Stab wounds. I’ve kept my identity secret to protect the ones I love, but now the most dangerous man in my world knows exactly who I am… And he’s coming for me.

Hector Ramirez has brought war to my doorstep, but he won’t win.

I’ll fight to defend the vulnerable.

I’ll kill to protect my club.

But I’ll die to save the woman I love.


Rogue is book two in the Dead Man's Ink Series and is not a standalone novel. After months of waiting, we finally have more to Rebel and Sophia's story. 

I'm prefacing this review by saying that Callie Hart has been one of my favorite dark romance/suspense authors since I began my reading journey. Book one in this series, Rebel held my attention and kept me on the edge of my seat. Rogue was the complete opposite for me. It's a very short novel and it took me almost three days to read which is very uncommon for me. It was very slow moving for me, story-wise. 

Rebel and Sophia's volatile relationship reaches a new level when they declare their true feelings for each other. Their love is true and great. I really enjoy their relationship. And the sex is hot.

I just felt that the rest of the story was very slow and a lot more of the same. Maybe because we know of the same villains from Callie's Blood & Roses series?  It's roughly the same timeline. I just felt bored with it and had a hard time finishing. With that said, I'm not discounting thus experience. I believe in Callie's writing abilities and am committed to the story and her future works.

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