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"I'm breaking my promise not to let another man into my life.
For one night, I belonged to someone."

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Emily’s life had three basic rules, love her family fiercely. Never expect forever and most importantly, shield her heart from pain. At a tender age she learnt love is not forever, sex destroys and if you don’t invest your heart, it can never be broken. She played life safe.

All it takes though, is one moment, a defining light in the perpetual darkness to bring life into your heart. For Emily, it was a night she would never forget, an ordinary evening of dancing, drinking and if she was in the mood, a brief one night stand. But then he beguiled her. His emerald eyes captivated and enslaved her to him.

What Emily didn’t anticipate was the mysterious giant to sit beside her and rock her foundations. His dirty mouth and sexy innuendos intrigued her. The green eyed Adonis took her for the ride of her life, on his motorbike. One she would never forget. He intertwined himself into her life and captured her soul.

But the illusion of beauty can hide a broken past. And as the lovers fall deeper, the darkness leeches into the light, suffocating and destroying all within its path. Until there is nothing left but betrayal and shattered hearts.

*This is the third in the series but intended as a standalone. **Due to sexual content, it may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18 years of age. 

We’re channeling Honest Abe – we cannot tell a lie. Neither of us expected much when we picked up Double Betrayal. It’s the third book in the Surviving Love series (but can easily be read as a standalone) by Ada Frost. I know what you’re thinking, who the bleep is Ada Frost?! We’ll tell you who she is. She’s the best author you've never read. 

Emily (Em) is a twenty-something year old blonde beauty who has gone through more pain and heartbreak than anyone should have ever have to endure. In a last ditch effort to protect her heart from further damage, she’s blocked out love completely. It’s no longer an option; one night stands, however, are completely acceptable. A girl has needs after all… That’s exactly what she’s looking for when life throws her a curveball. 

No matter how angry I was at him, I could not deny I wanted him more than I cared to breathe.

Will is a handsome American who's come to visit his brother in England for a while. Much like Emily, he’s nursing his own version of a broken heart.  The last thing he wants is to enter into a relationship. Everything changes when he pulls up a bar stool next to a blonde pixie. His pixie. 

"All of me, for you. I'm yours, Em. All you have to do is claim me."

This book has more twists and turns than a roller-coaster. Just when you think you have things figured out, Ada throws you for a loop. Her writing is phenomenal; don’t even get us started on the sex scenes... There’s just the right balance of story line and sex appeal. Saying we loved Double Betrayal would be an understatement. It’s only January, and we both agree that this will most definitely make our favorites of 2015 list – It may even make our favorites of all-time list. Now THAT’S sayin’ something. Double Betrayal is a book that will stick with you long after the final words have been read. In fact, it will leave you craving more. Ada’s writing is addictive, kind of like chocolate. Can you ever get enough chocolate? Nope, didn't think so.   

A good book needs to do more than entertain. It needs to climb inside of you and make you feel.  It should make the butterflies in your stomach flutter, or cause your stomach to bottom out during a rough scene. It needs to make your scalp tingle and your heartbeat faster in anticipation. Ada’s writing has the ability to make you feel. That is why she has become, and will continue to be, a go to author for both of us. 

Please, please, please add this book to your TBR list. Double Betrayal is everything you could want in a book. There is so much love, lust, loss, heartbreak and longing in this novel; don’t let it pass you by. 

He didn’t ascend the two steps up to the raised floor I was on, so we were now more or less of similar height. It was a little disconcerting he was still taller, even at my advantage.

“Did you just tattletale like a little bitch?”

“He was touching your ass.”


“And if you want me to be your bitch, I can do that.” The grin that spread across his handsome face showcased a sexy line of white teeth. He had a very small slit in his lip, as if he suffered from dry lips. Without thought, I leaned forward and sucked his bottom lip into my mouth. He tasted like beer and delicious man. I knew I was risking the giant’s bollocks kissing him in front of my brothers, but I couldn’t stand more time passing without having a little taste.

I pulled away, slowly releasing his lip with a nip of my teeth. He didn’t make any move to touch me, or kiss me back. He simply stared at me with shining eyes and a hot smirk.

“Dance with me.” It wasn’t a question; I wanted to feel his body against mine.

“Can I touch your ass?”

I didn’t answer; I simply sauntered back onto the dance floor. I glanced over my shoulder and offered him a coy smile. Acis had scared the poor young guy away.

I started the slow sway of my hips, keeping my eyes pinned to my avid admirer. His eyes tracked my movements. The sway of my hips, the bend of my knee, the curve of my waist. Slowly, he walked toward me with the prowl of a dangerous animal ready to capture his prey. I expected him to wrap his arm around my body and pull me against him, but instead, he lifted his hand and hooked his finger under my chin and ran his thumb over my bottom lip.

“You’re a dangerous woman, pixie-girl.”

I didn’t speak; I simply stared into his eyes and wrapped my lips around his thumb and sucked it into my mouth, licking the pad before slowly releasing it. His eyes flared and his extremely long lashes battered against his cheeks like butterflies trying to escape.  Finally, his thick arm banded around my back and lifted me up against him, my feet dangled near his shins. There was no finesse in the way I crashed against him—as I said, I was clumsy. But the heat of his skin burned against me, igniting a desperate need inside me. I pressed my hands against his chest and curled my fingers into the fabric, anchoring myself to him as he pressed his hips against mine and started a slow sensuous rocking. With each wave of movement, my stomach tightened as his hips and hard-on pressed perfectly against me. I parted my legs slightly, allowing him to slide his thigh between my legs. His hand caressed my waist as it slid down my side, over the small of my back, to cup my arse. He pressed against me, bringing me tightly against his hardness. I closed my eyes and a small moan escaped me as electric pulses throbbed through me.

The scratch of stubble against my cheek and the hot warmth of his breath made me shiver violently.

“I want to feel, touch, and taste your skin, Pix,” he whispered against my ear, the seductive baritone of his voice shattering any protests I may have had. Which I didn’t. I tightened my fist in his shirt, certain I was nipping his flesh.

“I want you to watch as my tongue licks every inch of this perfect body. Starting with your tight nipples.” He took my earlobe into his mouth and nipped with his teeth. I melted against him. The only support for my weakened body was my grip on his shirt and his hands on my arse.
“I—” I said breathlessly as he licked a warm path down my neck to cover my throbbing pulse with his mouth, sucking hard against my heated flesh.

“Either way, babe, I need you naked.”

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