Reni's Review ~ His Reverie by Monica Murphy

His Reverie
by Monica Murphy

Publication date: July 28, 2014
When I read it: July 2014
Genre: Mature YA/Coming of Age
Pages: 249
Series/Stand Alone: Series
       * His Reverie
       * Untitled

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I knew from the moment I first saw her she was the one. The only girl I could ever want.
The only girl I could ever love.
She is light.
I am darkness.
She is innocent.
I’ve done too much.
She is good.
I am bad.
She is my every dream.
I should be her every nightmare.
We come from different worlds. She’s…perfect. And I’m…

Somehow she wants me anyway. So we’ll grasp at what we can. We’re going to make this summer count. She’s my secret. And I’m hers.

The problem with secrets is they never last for long. And when others discover we’re together, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep us apart. All I know is: I won’t let them.

Because Reverie Hale? She’s mine.

This blurb…
I had no idea what to expect. This dude could have been a stone cold killer, a pervert, a rapist, a stalker POS…  Nope. Worse. He’s a misunderstood teenager. *cringe*

This book. Ugh…

The ending. Double ugh…

Monica, are you trying to kill me? Drive me insane? Annoying the ever loving shit out of me?
A cliffhanger? Really?

The Boy: 

Nick Fairfield has been dealt some horrible cards in his 17 years of life. He has already spent a year in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, lost his mom to cancer, his girlfriend to sluthood, and his best friend to the land of the liars.  The boy just cannot win. Now he’s faced with figuring out his future - alone.

Not many people would hire an ex-con. Yeah, yeah… I know he’s not technically an ex-con.  That doesn’t stop judgers from judging. People suck. Lucky for Nick, he lands a job doing maintenance at the home of a televangelist. Yes, it made me giggle, too.  You don’t really get to know much about Reverend Hale during the book. We do, however, get a clear picture of his daughter, Reverie.

Nick’s Reverie.

His daydream.

I didn't have a religious upbringing. I know about right and wrong but I never had the fear of God put in me. I have no idea what that's like, to have such strong beliefs.

The Girl:

Reverie Hale might as well have grown up in a bubble.  She does everything mommy and daddy tell her to. She never rocks the boat. Ever. This may surprise you, but I get it. I get Reverie – a lot. When I was growing up I was heavily immersed in religion.  I taught Sunday school, was part of the youth group, and sang in the choir. I get it. I get this girl. I was always afraid of letting down my parents, of letting down GOD.  I want to hug her. I essentially WAS this girl. The difference? I did it to myself.  Rev, on the other hand, is pressured into it by her parents and the millions of viewers that follow their programming.  Either way, it sucks.

Along comes Nick and everything changes.  She has urges she’s never had before. Nick brings out the life in her. Too bad he sends so many mixed signals.

"I'm a mess," she says without hesitation.
"A perfect mess." I smile, my fingers still tangled in her hair. "My perfect mess."

Most of this story is about  bad communication and the lie of omission.  If Nick had just been honest with Reverie, Krista, and mostly himself, this cute couple could have avoided a whole heavenly heaping of drama.

While His Reverie left some me somewhat frustrated, I appreciate the change in pace and slight deviation from the usual “love story” cookie cutter formula. Cliffhangers make me want to pull my hair out. I don’t like the unfinished feeling.  A story needs an ending.  I’m looking forward to seeing where Ms. Murphy takes Nick, Reverie, and the Hales next.

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