Reni's Review ~ Deep Surrendering: Episode 1 (Deep Surrendering, #1)

Deep Surrendering: Episode 1 (Deep Surrendering, #1)

by Chelsea M. Cameron

Published: March 2014
When I read it: March 2014
Pages: 84
Series / Stand Alone: Series
       *Deep Surrendering Episodes 1-5

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She's all about rules. He lives by none but his own. When these two meet, the results could be disastrous.

When Marisol Everly’s friend Rory sets her up with Fin Herald, Marisol doesn't expect that it will amount to anything, .but that was before she saw Fin's searing blue eyes and mischievous smile. Not to mention, he seems absolutely fascinated by her mundane life. He's everything that a girl could want, but there's something else that ripples under the surface of his flirty behavior. Something darker. Something that fascinates Marisol, but scares her at the same time. Is she willing to risk falling into an abyss she might not get out of?

Seriously, Chelsea?  That’s all we get?  It feels like I blinked twice and the episode was over.

You may or may not remember Marisol Everly from the Surrendering Saga series. She’s one of Rory’s very best friends.  Of course, none of this will make sense to you unless you’ve actually read those books. I’d love to tell you whether or not you should read those books before these episodes, but in all honesty, I’m not sure. Rory, being the very good friend that she is, hooks Marisol up with Fin Herald. He’s handsome, successful, rich… Nice, right? Well, Fin travels – a lot – all around the world.  He’s not in one place for long, and if that’s not enough of a reason to keep Marisol from getting involved, he seems to have some sort of deep dark secret…

Heartbreaker. That was the first word that come to mind when I met Fintan Herald. The second word was tall.

If I were Marisol, I would have kicked Fin in the junk.  He’s hot, then cold.  In her face, then pushing her away.  Holy hell man! Make. Up. Your.  Mind. It’s not nice to lead people on, even if you don’t mean to do it. Yet Mari keeps coming back for more. She probably deserves a thump or two to the ovaries. Ugh! Women are such suckers.

I’ll be honest with you, if you’re not into BDSM or kinky sex, these episodes are probably not for you.  At the rate they’re going, in the direction they’re going, that’s where I fear things may end up.  Fear?  Well, maybe not for me but possibly for you.  There is definitely something dark and dirty hanging out inside of Fin.  It definitely has some tie to his father… Hmm…

Like I said earlier, Deep Surrendering (Episode 1) is just a small taste.  It’s written in such a way that the one taste you’re given is just not enough.  Like a druggie you’ll keep coming back for more.  I understand that there will be a total of 10 to 12 episodes. Together they will equal two full length novels.  That means we have plenty of Marisol and Fin to come. Phew…

“I’m going to pay attention to you and the way the sun catches the darker streaks in your hair, the pink in your cheeks, and your beautiful eyes. That’s what I’m going to pay attention to. Right here, right now.”

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this novella.  It was well written and definitely engaging, and yet, a little dark. Having to wait on secrets is tough. I’m both eager and scared to find out what Fin is hiding. He obviously engages in some “interesting” sexual relations.  *sigh* I’m unsure of just what we’re getting ourselves into.  Only time will tell.

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