Lauren - Boss Lady & Book Reviewer

Lauren is a superhero obsessed wife and mother of two (and a bean), who runs solely on sarcasm and caffeine. She's a born and bred Yankee living in the dirty south, would do unspeakable things to get her hands on chocolate, and owns at least 10 pairs of Chuck Taylors.  Her hair has been every color under the sun, she has 5 tattoos, and her socks never match.

Reading has always been a large part of Lauren’s life. Books are more than mere words on paper, they offer escape – the chance to live multiple lives without having to change out of your PJs. After years of reviewing for Madison Says, she started Inked in Chapters in 2014. Using her powers of persuasion, she convinced Sarah to join her one year later.

A big believer in honesty, Lauren prides herself on truthful yet kind, humor filled, Spoil-free reviews - which usually ramble on a little. Word vomit, it happens.

She'll read anything you plop in front of her face, but tends to lean toward new adult, chic lit, and contemporary romance.

Side note: Weak heroines make her batty.

Sarah - Book Reviewer

Sarah splits her time in many different ways.  Full-time mom of two, wife, tech support superstar, and fangirl.  If you mention Harry Potter within a 10-mile radius, her ears perk up and you're her new best friend.  You may even see her walking around Universal Orlando, as long as it's not a crazy hot day.  She grew up in snowy Pennsylvania and now resides in Northern Florida where she lives super close to the beach but never goes.

Sarah is a tattoo collector and hoarder of signed books.  Her TBR is a mile long and growing, and she's always obsessing about a new book or author.

Sarah's reviews tend to be short, sweet and to the point.  She hates to be spoiled, so you won't find that in her reviews.  What you will find is sarcasm, honesty and an unbiased opinion while trying not to 5-star every new book she reads.

You may be an author looking to have a book reviewed or an inquisitive blog follower, either way We'd love to hear from you. 

 Send an email to:InkedinChapters@yahoo.com 

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