Lauren's 2¢: The Do-Over by Julie A. Richman

The Do-Over
From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Julie A. Richman a new, stand alone Second Chance Romance 

~ Sometimes, one degree is all that separates you from the one you were meant to be with ~

Wes Bergman was sex on a stick.

We’d been circling one another our entire lives, mingling at the same clubs... attending the same events…sharing mutual acquaintances…yet we’d never actually met.

Until…we both boarded a Windjammer Cruise in the Caribbean. And it was like meeting my long, lost best friend for the first time. I hadn’t ever connected with a guy that way before.

But Wes had a girlfriend. So, when the week was over, he walked off the ship, unknowingly taking a piece of my heart with him.

Now, over a decade later, newly divorced, I’m the proverbial fish out of water. Dating has totally changed. Apps. Swipe left. Swipe right. Catfishing. Men my age want two things: twenty-five-year-olds—like my ex’s new child bride of a wife—or just a quick hook-up.

After a string of bad dates, I finally did something I never thought I’d do. I had a hot one-night stand with a really handsome guy I met online who didn’t even know my real name.

Turned out Mr. Fling is a big shot for my company’s newest client. And just my luck, that client’s CEO is none other than...Wes Bergman.

Now I’m separated by one degree again from the man who stole my heart.

And Mr. Fling could destroy my chance of what I want most – a Do-Over with Wes.



The Do-Over by Julia A. Richman is - yes, you guessed it - a second chance romance. This was virgin territory for me. Not the second chance romance deal, I’ve read plenty of them, but I’ve never had the privilege of reading any of Julie’s writing up until this point. The premise of the story intrigued me, and I can honestly say that I’m glad I stepped out of my author comfort-zone – we all have one.

Wes Bergman is described as sex on a stick, but you want to know what I liked best about him? The way the author describes his personality. When he loves, he obviously loves hard. And we get a good sampling of that love, since the story spans maybe 15-20 years.

When we first meet Wes and Tara, they’re sailing on somewhat of a small cruise ship. They hit it off, spending the entire night sharing stories and laughs with one another. Morning comes and reality hits. Wes has a girlfriend (and a very determined sister.) Their paths may have finally crossed, but it wasn’t the right time.

Fast-forward 15 or so years and the two are given a second chance. But naturally, nothing comes easy for these two. There are obstacles in the way, one in the form of a douchetastic best friend. Wes’s, not Tara’s. Anyway, the man is gross. To add more drama to the pot, Tara has just gone through a divorce and has a teenage daughter. I swear to you, if Tara’s daughter said “like” any more within those pages, I was prepared to gouge my eyes out. She was realistically annoying…

I enjoyed my time with The Do-Over but did feel the story moved almost at a snail’s pace. I wanted some quick action and got very little. There were also sections of the story that seemed almost bizarre to me. I’m very protective of my children, so I wouldn’t be eager to send my teen daughter out with a man I’d spent a handful of days with, even if those days stretched over a substantial amount of time, like 15 years. Then there was Tara and her tendency to let men that don’t deserve her, stick their little men in her, at the most inopportune time. She really needs to work on her timing…

All-in-all, I did enjoy The Do-Over and will likely consider more of Julie’s work. I love that she worked in a hard-hitting topic, one that affects most of us, in such a loving manner. This was more than simply a second chance romance, and that alone makes it well worth your time. 

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