WILD ACES by Marni Mann is LIVE! + Sarah's Review

Wild Aces
Trapper Montgomery
His darkness drew me in.
A mystery with a past I wanted to solve.
He was cold, like ice, but set me on fire.
A heat I hadn't felt in ages.
But when I saw his face, I burned...
In mourning

Brea Bradley She melted from my voice--shuddered from my touch.
But trembled from the memories
That my face brought back.
She wanted more...
Maybe even him.
I wasn't the hand she counted on.
But I was what she was dealt...

A Wild Ace with no way to win.

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Wild Aces is the latest standalone by Marni Mann. It comes to us on the heels of Marni's Unblocked Collection. Wild Aces reads perfectly by itself, but I recommend reading Unblocked to get to know Frankie and Derek.

“That feeling I get when I’m around you, it wraps around my lungs and presses against my heart and tingles in my chest. It happens every time I take a breath.”

Brea Bradley is still recovering from the loss of her great love when she meets Trapper for the first time. Trapper is dealing with his own demons and has a hard time overcoming them. After a whirlwind of angst, lust and misunderstandings, I've decided that this is my favorite read of the year so far.

"There was something about this girl…"

So many unexpected feelings were happening while reading Wild Aces. Marni is known for her erotica which is all over Wild Aces, but the serious  subject manor in Brea and Trapper's lives was so emotional, but more than that, refreshing. We love quick, steamy reads, but when there's sensitive subject matter to be read, it just makes the story that much more interesting. Way to go, Marni!

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