CONVICTION (Consolation Duet, #2) by Corinne Michaels Release Day Blitz: Giveaway, Excerpts, + Sarah's Review!

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 Liam and Natalie’s return in Conviction by Corinne Michaels!
Find out how their story continues….

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Book Two in the Consolation Duet
I fell in love with Liam only to be left shattered into a million pieces. Again. The idea of being without him cripples me but the reality is, he’s gone.

He doesn’t understand and I can’t make him.

If only he’d see the conviction behind my words—then he’d still be here.

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Time isn’t something I ever thought much about.
It ebbs and flows, but it never changes. I can’t make it stop—no matter how much I want to. There’s no way to rewind the clock or halt it. In this moment, all I want is to make the world stop and go back to when I was happy and ready to tackle the world. Just two short minutes ago, there was no worry about how my day would go. I was going away with the man I love, the one who healed me. But time isn’t my friend. It slaps me in the face and laughs as I stand here wondering how the hell any of this is happening. I don’t want to move forward, and I sure as hell don’t want to slow it down.

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Consolation (book 1) is one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking stories I've ever read and ending the way it did, Conviction became the most anticipated book I've had to wait for. What a long two months! Corinne Michaels' writing is beautifully brilliant and so heartfelt. I know she'll be one of my favorite authors for years to come. I don't even know where to begin with this review. It's so hard to write thoughts about this story because of the way Consolation ended. We don't know who Natalie will choose, but in the end, she needs to do what is best for herself and her beautiful baby girl.
“There’s so much confusion rolling around within me. I don't know what to do, where to turn, or how any of this is happening.”
Natalie's story is one of love, loss, heartbreak and healing. We read her words of growth and change and see how she is growing into herself and really, becoming the strongest heroine I've ever read. Natalie has dealt with so much in her life and the hits just keep coming to her. Ultimately, she chooses for her heart and her future. What happened to her in the past is just that. Liam is a wonderful man and potential father figure to Aarabelle, but can she go to him when her husband is in the back of her mind?
“I’ll never be able to push her away. I’ll wait forever if I have to, but I can’t fight this battle.”
Liam is trying to be strong to keep his love for Natalie going but doesn't want to betray his best friends trust while doing so. The events that lead up to the ending of Consolation and beginning of Conviction are the hardest things he's had to deal with in his life and that's comparing to him being a Navy SEAL. He's never been a relationship guy but is willing to try for Natalie and Aarabelle. Side notes: I love that we get a glimpse into Quinn and Ashton's relationship; I can't wait for their story! Mark absolutely stole the show. I hope he gets his HEA as well. I couldn't not five-star Conviction. So many emotional ups and downs as Natalie makes her ultimate choice and I couldn't be happier about how this beautiful book ended.

His voice is thick and husky as he refuses to break from my eyes. “Tell me you’re real.” “I’m real.” “Tell me you’re really here.” “I’m here with you.” My hand rises, and I press my thumb to his lips. “I’m here for you. I’m here with only you. I need you so much.” His eyes close as I rub my thumb, savoring the rough feel on my skin. “Stay with me,” he pleads. Liam’s hands rest on each side of my face as I drag him down further. “There’s nowhere else I want to be.” Our lips meet, and I lose myself.

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Consolation (Book One)

Liam wasn’t supposed to be my happily ever after.He wasn’t even on my radar.He was my husband’s best friend—forbidden.
But my husband is dead and I’m alone. I ache for him and I reach for Liam.
One night with Liam changed everything. Now I have to decide if I truly love him or if he’s just the consolation prize.

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Corinne Michaels is an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. She’s happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife. After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness.
Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were librarians, which only intensified her love of reading. After years of writing short stories, she couldn’t ignore the call to finish her debut novel, Beloved. Her alpha Navy SEALs are broken, beautiful, and will steal your heart.

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