Reni's Review: CAUGHT by Erika Ashby & A.E. Woodward

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There's this boy.
He kinda owns my heart.

Who am I kidding?

He owns all of me--but he's completely oblivious to it.
And I can't tell him.

Because there's this girl.
And even though he's my best friend, she is too.

Then there's me...
CAUGHT between what feels so right, yet is so wrong.

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I’ll start this review out with a…

If cheating is a hard limit for you, return this book to the shelf and look for another.
It happens.
It happens a few times.  
Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.
Kinda like: Liar liar pants on fire, but where you end up with your pickle in someone else’s lunch box.

Someone stop me…

I was pulled in by the extremely evil (okay, not really) Erika Ashby and A.E. Woodward right from the opening pages. Did you know that there’s a dictionary of Quinnisms in the front of this book? They’re fabulous.  Things like: dicknose, Chinese fingertrap, askhole…  You get the point. Brilliant. Those simple words made my cold black little heart grow three sizes. It was like a miraculous Grinch moment. The more I read of Quinn, the more I liked her. I wish I could say the same for Finley. By the end of the story I hated strongly disliked her.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

This love triangle is mighty complicated. “We’re the three best friends that anyone could have…” Are you singing it, too? Come on people… The Hangover. Alright, forget it.

Finley (love the name, hate the girl), Chace (The clueless man-child), and Quinn (I want to have her babies. I do. It happens) are all besties. Finley (ick) and Chace are dating. Quinn is the third wheel, constantly hiding her less than pure feelings for Chace. Quinn has known Chace longer, but Finley won his heart. *Waaaah Waaaaaaaah* Then something happens – a steamy something, in more ways than one… The relationship shifts, and these two “besties” have now taken things to a whole new level. Bow chicka bow wow. Before you roll your eyes and get upset, I didn’t view THAT part as cheating. You’ll see. Anyway… stuff happens, lines are blurred and Quinn and Chace no longer know where they stand with one another.

She doesn’t need to know that she changed everything; that things will never be the same. We’ll never just be three friends again. We can’t. It’s impossible.

Here’s the thing. I don’t like cheating. I don’t think anyone really likes it. (Well, maybe if you’re into cuckold type stuff. Hey, to each his or her own.) I had a hard time with Chace because the man was so. Damn. Blind. Open your eyes. It took something that nearly destroyed ME to make him see the light. Infuriating.

I’m not sure my self-worth is strong enough to be my saving grace when it comes to him.  

Quinn is a rockstar. She’s not the pushover I expected her to be. She has a backbone and spends a good portion of the book exercising it. She’s witty and fast with her comebacks, loyal (oddly enough) and accepting. I really enjoyed her characters. Minus one other, *insert butthole face* Quinn was absolutely my favorite character; good thing, since she’s the heroine.  

All joking and complaining aside… I laughed, I cried (entirely too much), and I loved. I fell hard for Quinn and Chace. Even when I wanted to hate them, I couldn’t. A good book makes you feel. And while the subject matter wasn’t always favorable (to me at least), Caught made me do just that. I ugly cried for god sake! Struggling with a star rating - I went back and forth between 3.5 and 4 – I settled on 4. What happens at the end of the book, what made me ugly cry, definitely bumped up my rating. I want to hate the authors. I want to poke them with gardening tools and shish kabob sticks, but I can’t. What they did made this book what it is. I hate the cheating, but love the cheaters.

Read it and decide for yourself. 

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