Sarah's Review: WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT (Forbidden Men, #4) by Linda Cage

*New Adult Romance***Explicit Scenes and Language**

I used to think everything was black and white, truth or lie, easy or hard, that if I could just escape my strict, overbearing, abusive father, my life would be perfect. But since I’ve found a reason to risk his wrath and leave, to help a friend in need, I’ve come to realize everything I thought I knew is wrong.

Friends have their own agenda, honesty comes with a dosage of lie, easy doesn’t even exist, keeping secrets sucks, and is the most painful thing of all.

Maybe if Quinn Hamilton hadn’t asked me to skip classes for the day and help him pick out an engagement ring for my best friend, I wouldn’t have fallen for him so completely on that sunny Tuesday afternoon and I wouldn’t feel so conflicted. But I did, and I can’t take it back, no matter how hard I try. So I have to deal with the fact that even I’m not as good, or honest, or caring as I’d always thought I was, and no matter what I do next, someone’s going to get hurt. Probably me.

-Zoey Blakeland

*Don't worry! The hero and heroine are not cheaters.* 

Our beautiful Zoey Blakeland is a people-pleaser.  She's a loner, and only has one true friend.  She's gone to extreme lengths to keep her friendship with Cora Wilder and as time goes on, she realizes Cora really isn't who she thought she was.  I can relate to Zoey; polite, caring, will do anything for anyone, and will always choose a friend over herself.  Zoey moves hundreds of miles away from home to escape her abusive father and give Cora a gift that is so rare, it's not to be taken lightly.  If only Cora knew.

"With Zoey, we just...clicked."

We met Quinn in To Professor, With Love.  He's handsome, charming and extremely quiet.  He's a great friend to his coworkers and teammates, and like Zoey, he'll go to great lengths to make them happy.  Quinn thought he had met his soulmate in Cora until Zoey became her roommate and he has a horrible time controling his feelings for Zoey and keeping her in the friend-zone.  Friendship is a huge thing for Quinn too; his horrible upbringing and unrelenting shyness keeps him from truly opening up to those arond him.

"This is why I came back.  Because you're you, and I couldn't stay away from you."
"I'm glad you did, bcause I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to stay away from you."

There is no cliffhanger in this book, and it ends in a Happily Ever After.  But, in true Linda Kage fashion, she waits until the last minute to give us what we truly want.  There were so many wonderful and excruciating twists and turns in this book, I truly had a hard time putting it down (I do actually work for a living), but I won't have it any other way.  With Every Heartbeat is truly a perfect book with a wonderful conclusion and I cannot wait to read her next installment in her Forbidden Men series.

"I like feeling naughty with you."
"You can be as naughty as you want with me."

Like all of the books in the Forbidden Men series, this can be read as a standalone.  I recommend starting from the beginning with Price of a Kiss, to get to know all of the characters and their stories since they're all intertwined into each book.  Having never ready anything from Linda Kage, I was very excited for the honor to review With Every Heartbeat.

I've heard so many great things about Linda's writing but never got around to picking up her books.  As my review deadline came closer, I hunkered down over four days and read the first three books in her Forbidden Men series to truly prepare for the one I was to review.  Needless to say, I'm so glad I did.  Linda's writing is a breath of fresh air.  Each book has it's own truly unique plot which I really love; With Every Heartbeat is no different.

I grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest as the youngest of eight children. Now I live in Kansas with my husband, daughter, and our nine cuckoo clocks. My life's been blessed with lots of people to learn from and love. Writing's always been a major part my world, and I'm so happy to finally share some of my stories with other romance lovers. 

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