Sarah's Review: THREE DAYS by Ariadne Wayne

Three days …
That’s how long I was married to Charlie. Her death on our third day of marriage still haunts me, the part I played in her asthma attack will be with me forever. I loved her, but just couldn’t let go of the past.

Three days … How long I held Rowan captive, trying to convince her that she needed to be with me. I never stood a chance. She’d turned her back on me once I chose Charlie and moved on with someone else. In my grief and stupidity, I lost any chance of her friendship.

Three days …
I’ve done prison time, and now I need to start again. I’m not looking for any relationship right now, the thought of love is simply too painful. And yet, it’s been three days since I met Maddy, and already she’s brought more laughter to my life than I have had in so very long. She’s been through a lot too, so now I wonder if we can make a fresh start together.

Authors Note: There is a scene that might be upsetting for those who have triggers around domestic violence. This is not a theme of the book, it’s a small scene, but as I realise some people may have sensitivities around this, I wanted to make sure there was a warning. 

I read this book as a standalone.  I was 80% through when I looked up the author on Goodreads and realized this is a follow up to her first novel, Loving Rowan.  Makes so much more sense now.  It can be read as a standalone but the first novel would absolutely put the puzzle pieces together.  This book was written entirely in the male POV, which is typically unusual, and I liked that a lot.

Andrew Carmichael has just finished a three-year prison sentence for kidnapping his best friend.  His life went off the rails after his wife died when they'd been married for just three days.  Anyone would go a little crazy after the sudden death of the love of their life, right?  Andrew is now trying to get his life in order, get away from his demons, and start fresh.  Then Maddy comes barging in on his life while passing him on the stairs of his new halfway house.

"I squeezed her hand and she squeezed back.  We shared more love gazing at each other for those scant seconds than some people get in a lifetime.  It was that look I'd envied between Mum and Dad.  We had it."

Andrew and Maddy have a whirlwind romance.  Unexpected things take place and I was really expecting something awful to happen - not sure why - but it really didn't.  They go through their ups and downs like any couple would but what is constant for them is their love.  It's true, it's real, and it's pretty hot.  Maddy and Andrew can't keep their hands off of each other, but the love they share makes it that much better.

Honest review time.  This book has been sitting in my queue for quite a while.  I finally picked it up, and I'm happy I did.  I really enjoyed it.  It was kind of cryptic in the beginning and I thought the end dragged on for longer than it should have, but Ariadne had a story to tell for Andrew, and I'm glad she did.  Old doors close while new ones open and that's just what happened in Three Days.  I'll definitely be reading Loving Rowan to get the whole story and will look forward to more works from this author.

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