Chapter Break: Rep your favorite superheroes on October 1st!

I don't share much about my personal life on this blog. That's about to change.

My daughter (Shannon) LOVES superheroes. It's borderline obsessive. Transformers, Avengers, Super-man, Batman - she loves them all. She recently started Kindergarten (July 31st...yeah, I know.) and while she loves school, the kids can be very cruel. They've made fun of her on numerous occasions - the worst being when they made fun of her for choosing to wear a Captain America backpack to school.

If you're my friend on Facebook, you know that this issue has been on going and very near and dear to my heart.  This is my most recent FB post/rant/situation:

Prepare yourself, I'm about to rant.

Shannon took a toy to school today. I know kids aren't supposed to take toys to school, but Pat zipped it in her book bag where it stayed throughout the school day. Or so we thought...

It is NEVER fun to walk up to the school and see your child in tears; we're talking the big crocodile kind. At first Pat and I thought she had gotten into some kind of trouble, until she mumbled something about a kid stealing her Captain America action figure. (It HAD to be that one, right?!) After calming her down enough to make sense of the situation, she told us that while packing up today she noticed it was gone.

Pat and I looked at one another and then marched into the school to talk to the teacher. Mind you, there was NO note to us, email or phone call. When we entered the classroom the teacher explained that there wasn't enough time at the end of the school day to deal with the situation, yet assured me that she grilled the kids and threatened to check book bags.

Here are my issues:

1. If that was my classroom I'd have had the kids dump out their book bags right then and there. They should have exactly three things in their bags - an agenda, a lunch box (if they bring lunch), and a change of clothes. It would take all of 2 minutes to check... She said that the kids were already leaving. Shannon's a walker, they leave the classroom first... ERRRR doesn't make sense..

2. WHY WAS THERE NO NOTE TO ME?! She claims that there wasn't enough time to write a note. If there was enough time to "drill the students" there was enough time to scribble down a short message to me.

3. It's not about the toy. It's a piece of plastic. It's about teaching your children right from wrong. I know I can't hold the teachers responsible for that... We make an appoint to teach our daughter NOT to take things that don't belong to her. It makes me sad that kids do that. On the other hand, she now knows what it feels like when someone takes something from you. Shannon taking something from another student became even more unlikely after suffering through it herself.

4. First the kids make fun of her, and now they steal her stuff.. UGH!

I'm just a mad mom that needed to get all this out. Thanks for letting me.

On the brightside...
Me: You still have your stuffed Captain America, and we can get a new one of the one that was taken from you.
Shan: No, I have two, my stuffed one and Daddy.
Pat: Yup, I'm not going anywhere, and they couldn't fit me in their backpack anyway.

An AMAZING friend of mine clued me into a "movement".  Shannon isn't the only little girl who has been suffering.  There is a Kindergartner named Leanna who is going through a similar situation. *heart breaks even more* Her little sister - who is only 7 - has decided to fight back.  She has declared that October 1st is WEAR YOUR SUPERHEROES DAY! Be sure to post a picture with the hashtag #WearYourSuperheroes

To read Leanna's story - Click HERE!

Superheroes aren't just for boys, they're for EVERYONE!  They fight to make this world (or their world) a better place.  That's something I can get behind, and I'm proud of my daughter for loving them so fiercely.  I encourage you to wear something superhero related this Wednesday. I'm prepared to fight for my little girl, are you?


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