Reni's Review - Owning Her Innocence by Alexa Riley

Owning Her Innocence
Alexa Riley

Published: July 16, 2014

When I read it: July 19, 2014

Genre: Erorica - DD/lg

pages: 73

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William Darkling is a successful, sexy older bachelor with the world at his feet but he’s missing the one thing he needs more than anything.

Haley has just turned eighteen and is ready to learn about love and shed some of her innocence. After a traumatic birthday party, she wakes up tied to a bed at the mercy of the person she trusts most.

Haley has always been his pet, but now William wants more. He wants to to love her as every Daddy should love their little girl

Warning: There is sweetly sexy, explicit dirty fun inside this short novella. Along with DD/LG play.

Haley has just graduated high school. She’s very naïve and lives a ridiculously sheltered life. The girl acts like she’s 5! Then again, if you’re looking for a DD/lg book, you’d want a girl who acts like a little girl. Anyway, her father has now decided it’s time for Haley to grow up. He’s done various things to encourage her to become more mature. Some of them sorta stupid, like painting her bedroom blue to get rid of the little girl pink. From what we witness in the first chapter of the book, it’s not working.

Haley’s mother died when she was little. She’s been raised by her father with the help of his best friend William. Enter Daddy William. (It’s creepy that she calls him that.) Why not Uncle William, or just plain William? You’re 18 and you want to call some man Daddy William? Whatever…  William is trying to keep his distance, because, well, it’s probably not best to get involved with you BFF’s 18 year old kid.

The night of Haley’s graduation party William decides he can no longer stay away. After a series of unfortunate events, Haley ends up at William’s for the night. You can imagine where this goes. He wants her, she wants him... It’s a match made in fucked up heaven.

Admittedly, I’ve never read a DD/lg book before this one. I never even had the urge. Yet there I sat flipping quickly through the pages of one of the most bizarre (in my very humble opinion) type books I’ve ever come across. I know people are into this sort of thing but I just felt dirty – and wrong. Listen, we all have our own preferences. If this is yours, more power to you. Don’t knock it till you try it, right? I just couldn’t get into it. The sex/foreplay was hot if I pretended all the name calling (daddy/little girl) didn’t exist.

“I am going to take your body like a man takes a woman. I am going to fuck you to death and then back to life. I will forever own you physically, but I’m also asking for your heart.”

At least he’s a sweet creep. Kinda.

Owning Her Innocence is a super quick, interesting read. The storyline wasn’t anything amazing. But did we really expect it to be? We don’t get much detail except for where the sex concerned. The worst part of the whole story is Haley.  She’s just annoying. I agree with her father; she needs to grow the hell up. Maybe Daddy William is just what she needs. (Ew, did I just type that?!)

I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. It just wasn't the type of story for me.

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