Lauren's 2¢: FURTHER TO FALL by Catherine Cowles

An up-and-coming MMA fighter trying to take on the world. An innocent teacher trying to make the world a better place.

He never expected her to become his best friend. But she fought her way into his life, one tongue-lashing at a time. Until one night, one mistake tore them apart.

Losing her… that gutted him. But now, as one of the top fighters in the world, he’s back and determined to battle for his girl.

But, from the sidelines, someone watches. Someone who’ll do just about anything to keep them apart.

Their second chance might be over before it even begins… 


We all have our go-to authors. Do you know what’s better than one-clicking one of their books? Finding someone new to add to your list. Catherine Cowles came out of nowhere and knocked me straight on my ass with her debut novel Further To Fall.

When Carter meets up and coming MMA fighter, Austin, sparks don’t exactly fly. They spark and then kind of fizzle as soon as Austin opens his mouth. He’s a gruff mountain of a man. To put it plainly, his attitude sucks. But Carter, being the sassy, take no shit girl that she is, deals with him in stride. Eventually the two form a friendship of sorts, ignoring their obvious attraction to one another. Austin has been burned before, and Carter has other things to focus on. The two eventually get their sh*t together and start a relationship, which eventually hits a bump or twelve, as most relationships do.

I had bowed out of the most important fight of my life because I was afraid.

But that’s just the beginning. This story isn’t some cut and dry love story. It’s got depth and dimension. The characters are put through a lot - A LOT - within these pages. And I found myself on the edge of my seat more than once.

It’s usually pretty easy for me to figure out what will happen next while reading a novel. That wasn’t the case with Catherine’s work. She kept me on my toes for most of the book. She pushed forward, building the story with greater detail where most would have dropped off and ended the tale. Further To Fall is not simply a love story, but one of survival.

“I just want you to start fighting to get your life back. Find your mad!”

I will admit that there were moments when Carter drove me absolutely crazy.  She was pretty quick to forgive Austin and his less than stellar actions. A little groveling (on Austin’s part) and maybe a kick to the sperm warmers, would have satisfied me.  There were also a few instances where Austin’s dialogue I just couldn’t imagine those particular words coming out of his mouth.

But I can honestly say, those were the only real issues I had.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Further To Fall when it releases in October. Once you’ve had a taste of these characters, you’re going to want more. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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